Representative Beneficiaries Profile


REAL Nepal has done field visit survey to finding most needies blind children, Who living rural and remote area. During the journey we found 15 blind children from difference parts of Kavre district and all around the Nepal. The representative children profile summerised in the billow amongst 15.

She is blind child who living 80 KM far from small city Dhulikhel, which is very rural and remote part call” Mechchhe VDC ward No 6 Kavre Nepal”.

She is “Bed Kumari Raya” born blind with six years old. The family background is very poor and low. They just have one house nothing other property, which also more then half part damaged by earthquake. They just survive in bombo cottage and roof with plastic tent. One thing is very critical in this family. Because, there are three family member are the blind. One is her mother and next one is youngest brother. Her father “who is age of 53” is everyday compail to laboring in the other or riched people land or house.  Because of that she have not idea even how to walk around the yard or inside the home lonely. But her brother already sifted in one blind school at Kathmandu for study.

She is Nidhi Kumari Thakur, a five years old child by born and totally blind. The family background: They are very poor interms of that they have no their own land, house and any property. According to them they had little land and thatch roof house. But right now they have five family members. Four years back they compail to sold their all property for this child treatment, Unfortunately that treatment could not success as a result she became blind forever.

After that they leaved from their own birth place “Koshi Pari Kavre Nepal” and community or society. Therefore, right now they have been living at rental room at Banepa, Kavre. The income source for them is, the children’s father have been working in the barber shop as a salary staff. This is not enough income to educate their three children with one blind child. It is just enough to however survive or manage to daily needs.

She is 11 years old. originally she is from Balthali 6 Kavreplanchwk Nepal. She is Sandhya Guragai. The family background is quite nice then other blind children, interms of educated family. She is school going children but because of very poor low vision she could not read and write sighted text book, she just depending on how much remember through listening of teacher lecture. So she need Braille and whitecane mobility for her further study and independen future. Because of family over protection, Till now she could not have food  and walk alone herself.

Moreover,  During, the field visit we found three different blind children in the same VDC but different ward. Those all three children are totally blind. But they never been to school and any city till now. The summary detail of children’s is pointed in the billow.

Sushil Bishokarma a 10 years old boy. The local resident of Mechchhe 1 Kavreplanchwk He is from so call very backward Dalit community. Also he is living with step mother.

Sahadev Karnnel, a 8 years old boy originally from Mechchhe 2 Kavreplanchwk. He is from very poor and high effected family from earthquake 2015. He also have step mother.

Rosani ghising a 6 years old child with albinism. The local resident of Mechchhe 3 Kavre and from ethnic and marginalize family. We took detail information through her mother Because she never talk with other people out of home.