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Change Can Not Be Figured Out Over The Night:

Dear Friends, collegues, and our supporters,

I am not expectant or dependent. I feel that expectancy and dependency can frustrate effort of working hard. I am a very hard iniciator.  I am a social worker. I am a person with blindness. I am a change maker. I am a hunter. I don’t tell people I can  get you all you need in this world but I have learnt to work with people to change marginalized conditions. I know  what I am talking about REAL Nepal.

As we enter in the beginning of this new year season, it’s important that we reflect on our past contributions to the  communities and plan for the fourth coming years. How are you creating change? What change created? How does  it impact the communities? Many of you supported REAL Nepal with gift, grants and valuable ideas. This is  a right time for us to express our gratitude by saying Thank you for all your contributions, we were able to do more  with your support. It’s not yet late for REAL Nepal to reach as many marginalized persons as this is our ultimate plan to create  a better community where everyone celebrate it diversity. Your continuous support will make us create a new  dynamic culture free of superstitious beliefs and disability will never be a problem at all.

Happy New year 2018!

With Gratitude,

Rajendra Prasad Dhital

Founder/Executive Director

REAL Nepal.



News Narrative:

REAL Nepal has setup the initial project: “REAL Dream Home” is a Residential educational training center/Preparatory school for blind children. It is located at Panauti Municipality ward No 4,Kavrepalanchowk, Nepal.

Now this home is completely prepared to offer accommodation for the blind children. We have started our educational training program on 15December 2017.

To implement the action plan, objectives and milestone we have done the following task regarding the dream.



Journey from January 2017 to May 2017.

REAL Nepal is registered social NGO on February 2017 at Kavre district Nepal. We have started our initial step from small office room. Then we went field trip to identifying blind children and preliminary survey. During that journey we found 18 most vonorable blind children in different rural area within January to May 2017, who affected some are domestic vilance, discrimination, fostration and still living with out of relief who are highly effected from earthquake 2015. One example:

She is Bed Kumari Ray a 5 years old blind child girl. The local resident of Mechchhe 2 Kavrepalanchok Nepal. There are 5 family members in that family. Amongst five 3 are the totally blind, they are her mother, brother and herself. The very sad thing they shold their property during the treatment. Before earthquake they had just one thatch house. Later the devastated earthquake totally destroyed whatever they had remaining. Right now, her father’s age is 64 and he is saving his family members in the open ground just covering by tent.

To regard that kind of situation we had conducted focus group discussion with local community, stakeholders, disability related peoples and organizations, schools administration, beneficiaries and their parents in different venue around Kavre district. All attendees who attend at the discussion suggest us and encourage to start our concept into the residential preparatory blind school and lifeskills training center to rehabilited them as soon as possible. Also they committed to any kind of support whatever we need from the community side.

Even some time we are facing attitudsnal berrier and backbiting during the work from some minorities. at the same time we have been trying to solve the issue and finding a way to overcome from the challenges. If some people come front us being as a obstraggle, we can defense them through frequently showing our ability, dealing with positively and many many time to gives the example of successful role model. This is ethical tools for convince the negativity and to break the berrier. Which practically we applied at our own community.


Step for the second phase

Back from the community level work and survey related actions. We realize to setup a infrastructure for residential the found children to educate.  The following was realized.


Finding the accessible rental house:

Initially we located a promising building looked. Most of the community leaders and government stakeholders were very positive and inspired towards our social mission.

Unfortunately after many meetings, the option of getting this piece of land and building donated to our organization didn’t work out.

Shortly after this, a piece of property including an old school building was found. It was owned by the government and close to our current office. We would need to renovate the building. Also here many meetings were held and it took a lot of time. Unfortunately in the end also this didn’t work out. Because much time had passed, I asked for permission to get the duration of the first installment period extended.

Then finally on the third of September 2017 we found a building that was under construction. It was located in a place where the community is friendly and helpful. Also the area is accessible and the rent is reasonable. Right now, the rental house process is completed and we arearranging all essential needs for the children’s accommodation. On 10thNovember 2017 we have signed a contract to rent the house for 5 years. Each two year there will be increase 10% rent in the total amount. There are seven rooms with kitchen. Each room rent for per month 5000NPR and the total amount for rent is 35,000NPR according to the both parties agreement.


Curriculum Design:

In parallel to the house search, we worked on the curriculum development.On the 21stAugust 2017 we completed that curriculum which includes a subject matter of Braille literacy orientation, Whitecane mobility, orientation and interacting with local community, practical daily living skills; “toilet use, washing and cleaning, eating and preparing food and how to dress”, music and dancing, feeling touching and recognization shapes and sizes, introduction to daily uses materials Etc.
We were supported by several specialists from the District Education Office Kavre, a Special blind teacher from Sanjiwani Higher secondary school Dhulikhel, a nursery teacher from Save Our Soul”SOS” school Banepa and a disability expert from Kathmandu University inclusion department.


Staff selection:

On 25thSeptember 2017, REAL Nepal selected  two caretakers; Ms.AayusaThapa a person with partially sightand a poor family background. Also she is a board member of REAL Nepal. She is very dedicated, serious and committed.
The other is Mrs Laxmi KC. . Laxmi KC is sighted and she has a lot of experience working with blind children at Kathmandu. Both ladies are local residents of Kavre district where our organization is registered. They are appointed formally from 15th November 2017 and


Child Protection policy and Code and Conduct design:

After many meetings with children specialists an DPOs stakeholders. We were able to draft a code of conduct and child protection policy for the child safety. The policies are according to the Nepalese law for the child right, and according to the organizational objective, vision mission, noms and values and to address the social security. This is applicable rule for the staff, beneficiaries and their parents, monitoring team, visitors, daily routine for the accommodation utilize, board committee, supporter and donor Etc.


Training and instruction for the staff:


Before the children arrive on 25thNovember 2017,the REAL Nepal staff had trained by executive Director, Mobility expert Mr.Sushil Adhikari and child psychologist and Nursery teacher of SOS school Banepa, Miss Sushila Subedi. They were learned about child care, Personal hygiene and sanitation, mobility training on how to assist blind children during walking, feeling touching and identifying objects, toilet use, tooth brushing, how to enjoy with child suppose family environment and other daily using activities. And all relevant parties will be introduced to our policy, code of conduct and agreement before the formal course start.


Major successes


During this one year journey we have completed some important steps:
During several field trips we found  vulnerable blind children, we organized workshops, an awareness campaign and a seminar, we developed an International level curriculum, we found a suitable location and rental house, and we met with all stakeholders.
We now want to provide Braille literacy and life-skills training for these blind children.

We are now starting the “REAL Dream Home”, which is a Residential educational training center/Preparatory school for blind children. REAL Dream Home

On December 15, 2017, REAL Nepal has set up a hostel, (REAL Dream Home) in Panauti  Kavrepalanchok for the blind and partially sighted children. The REAL Dream Home is a residential programme to equip blind and partially sighted children with the necessary tools for successful integration in a mainstream school. For young children the programme is a preparation for mainstream education. For children who are already in school it is a supplementary course to provide them with effective methods for their successful studies. Currently six totally blind and 9 low vision children, all together 15 children from different parts of Nepal are being trained in the center. In the first year of the program, totle 15 children enrolled.

Our curriculum is focused on the following areas:

  • Braille literacy in different languages
  • Mobility training: independent movement with the use of the white cane
  • Daily living skills such as personal hygiene and some housework
  • Computer literacy with the use of screen reading software
  • Self confidence and communication training to accept the disability and respond to challenges and discrimination.

Training on tactile graphics, drawing of maps and diagrams.

Along with the above mentioned activities, everyday in the morning and evening and on holidays as well, the children in REAL Dream Home study and practice regular study and other so many of extra-curricular activities such as, music, computer training with screen reader software, games/sports, danceing gardening etc. in the hostel. Listen to local songs.  After one to two years of intensive training, students will be successfully integrated into the regular mainstream schools using knowledge and methods they acquired during the programme at REAL Nepal Blind School. However they will be staying at the center until their grade 12.


These activities was implemented with financial support of

  1. Leopold Bachman Foundation, for funding the initial setup of residential educational training center/preparatory school – REAL Nepal first project “REAL Dream Home”.
  2. Stichting Doel voor Ogen from The Netherlands herein represented by Mr. Joop Bons funding support to REAL Nepal.

3.Individuel token funded by Mr John Pepper from Scotland, for funded the worldlink internet installation and Desktop computer for REAL Nepal office.

  1. Beginningwell, The necessary braille materials afforded by local government Dhulikhel Municipality Kavrepalanchok for REAL Nepal educational training program.
  2. Paul and Sabriya (founder of kanthari) for being best mentor for REAL Nepal.

Thank you for what you did. We look forward to continue working with you on special inclusive educational programs in REAL Nepal.


What is our plan of actions 2018 :

  1. Our hard effort for 2018 will be fundraising for the project continuity, because we have big challenges  to manage running cost for children living, Braille educational materials, staff salary, rent and mecilinious cost.
  2. To conduct the mobile braille and mobility class for some month in the rural area for children those who unable to join us because of their parents hegitation.
  3. Perches a land to Build a our own training center in the wide area for inroled more other needies blind children. The rented house quite much conjusted and not so much blind children friendly. Even rent also high expensive.
  4. To fundraise in order to get a school van that will help to up down the children during school hour, because our center lies at 30 minuts walking distance far from regular mainstreams school.
  5. Network, create and mobilizes resources locally and internationally to sustain the REAL Nepal activities
  6. To make school furniture’s (desks, chairs, tables and cupboards) enough for training room.


Call for supporting REAL Nepal!

Bed Kumari Raya is 6 years old girl child, She is profoundly blind. She loves to be in school compare to home, both parents have critical condition interms of mother with blindness along with 3 children and father is 64 years old  and critically effected by 2015 Nepal earthquake. we have reqistered many children like Bedkumari to attend our educational program  at REAL Nepal preparatory school “REAL Dream Home” . your support would help us to

do more by reaching many children as posible .

We call upon any monitory support to be delivered to:

Himalayan Bank Banepa Branch Kavrepalanchok Nepal.

Remittance Particulars for Euro& Dollar:

REAL Nepal Bank Detail.

Name of Bank and Branch: Himalayan Bank Limited, Banepa branch, Kavre

Account holders name: REAL NEPAL

Account number: 01406858390019



Any in kind support to be sent to:

Address and telephone number of account holder (as registered with bank and post office):  REAL Nepal.

Post office: District post office Dhulikhel Kavrepalanchok, Nepal

Post Box No: 03

Contact Person:  Rajendra Prasad Dhital

Mobile No:  +977-9841640967



Facebook page: REALNEPAL